Starting rates
Includes the main forms necessary to file federally and with California.
$300 Employees
$415 Self-employeds/freelancers (w/ one Schedule C)

+ Hitched?  Have Dependents?
If so, there is also a charge based on your filing status:
$50 Married Filing Joint
$75 Married Filing Separate
$120 Head of Household

+ Per Form Charges 
If additional forms/schedules are necessary beyond the main forms, per form charges will apply and are often in the range of $5-70/form. Examples of per form charges are as follows:
$38.00 Schedule A Itemized Personal Deductions
$25.00 Schedule D Capital Gains & Losses
$72.00 Schedule E Supplemental Income & Loss
$18.00 Form 8829 Expenses for Business Use of Your Home
$ 7.00 Form 4562 Depreciation & Amortization
$14.00 Form 2441 Child & Dependent Care Expenses
$228.00 LLC Form 568
$155-195.00 Form 8958 Community Property Worksheet

+ Sometimes, it’s Complicated 
Occasionally tax returns require more complicated forms and forays into tax law that can result in additional charges that tend to range from $100-300.

 – Line 22 Love DISCOUNT — Line 22 is the Total Income line of Form 1040
A sliding scale discount, or Line 22 Love, is available for those who qualify, and will automatically be applied during final billing. If you are a Single filer who earns $70,000 or less, you qualify. Married couples earning $100,000 or less qualify. The less you make, the more the discount. For specifics, please inquire.

– Cash or Check Payment DISCOUNT
$15 discount if you choose to pay by cash or check instead of electronically

+/- Audit Theory
Audit coverage insurance is an optional $78/return.  If purchased, should you be audited, the expense of my time to help prepare for and attend an audit with you would be completely covered.  If you don’t purchase this optional coverage, you automatically receive two hours of my time at no additional charge, but any time after that would be billed at my current hourly rate ($120/hour as of 2014). Audit Theory must be purchased and paid for at the same time you pay your preparation fee.  Audits generally take a minimum of of four hours.

For an estimate based on your particular situation, or to ask further questions about Tax Treatment’s rates, please email Laine@taxtx.com.

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