Appointments & Organizers

Available February 3 – March 3.
Please complete the appropriate Organizer(s) below prior to your appointment.
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Returning clients:
You may elect to email/mail your tax documents).

Please bring the Organizers to your appointment, or send them with your other tax documents:
2016 Tx – For all clients to complete
2016 BusinessTx – For Sole Proprietors/Freelancers to complete (in addition to 2016 Tx)
Please Note, if you are working on an Apple and complete the Organizers using Preview, you will need to use the Print function and Print to PDF before emailing the organizers. Alternately, try working in Adobe on your Apple instead of Preview.

March 3, 2017 for new clients to meet with Tax Treatment and provide all tax materials.
March 8, 2017 for returning clients to provide all tax materials.
EXTENSIONS September 17, 2017 for getting Tax Treatment all your tax materials.
After March 8, or September 17 for extensions, increased preparation fees, referrals, or extensions will be required.

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